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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've been staring at this screen now for approximately 30 minutes straight, give or take.

I took a small break around minute thirteen in search of coffee and gum. It was a complete failure of an expedition but that's besides the point.

I suppose this is what happens when I do something like take off to Israel at a moment's notice for two weeks.

I have conservatively five hundred million things to share and am still working on regaining all my brain cells after two weeks of little sleep and mass stimulation.

I still owe you my delicious delectable healthy treat for the long gone Valentine's Day.
Obligatory sneak peak. My parents claim to have devoured them in attempt to fill the void in their hearts caused by my absence. I call that a lousy excuse for eating three dozen chocolate covered macaroons. Note: these lose the whole 'health factor' when you eat 20-30x a recommended serving.  
In the meantime, while I finish collecting brain cells and regain my ability to sleep during standard human hours, I'll regale you with images of my new obsessions.

Thus far I have three.
Readers, meet halva.

Halva, meet readers.

Commence love affair.

When I was little, my mother told me never to judge a book by its cover. Sadly, I can't help it, but I implore you to apply said philosophy to halva.

Don't judge it by its appearance.

It's a defense mechanism slyly devised to ensure only those 'in the know' become swift addicts.

Halva is sesame paste and honey combined with additional flavors in a most magical way.

"What could possibly be so magical about something so simple?", you may ask. Allow me to take the opportunity to reply - "Everything. Everything is so magical about something so simple".

My favorite thus far is the nut and dried fruit variety. It's crumbly and sweet and dissolves ever so perfectly.

I'll be scouring the web for recipes because even after filling up a good portion of my suitcase with treats for me the family, my supplies are diminishing quickly.
As you may or may not know, my standard level of energy is on par with most people's heavily caffeinated level.

As such, I typically try to avoid stimulants at all costs.

Not for my benefit, but out of courtesy to others.

However, after subsisting on sub-human levels of sleep for three days, the coffee gods came down from the heavens and bestowed upon me the life-changing powers of Turkish coffee.

It's thick and creamy and while it is incredibly strong, the bitter notes that accompany strong American coffee are entirely absent. Especially when you plop a piece of dark chocolate in the middle.

And, number three...

What amazing treats have you found outside your own region?

Stay tuned for macaroons, a battle of hummus, and hopefully, a slightly more coherent me.

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  1. welcome back! now bake more things for me to drool over, please.