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Monday, November 28, 2011


Now that I'm nearly fully awakened from my food-induced coma, I think it's the perfect time for a recap.

The whole clan decided that Claire's pie was the hands down winner, having nothing to do with the filling and everything to do with the crust which was deamed "heavenly".

How are you handling your leftovers? We make panini's of every shape and size.

Another go-to of mine is to heat up some soup which I always keep frozen in portion-sized containers and pour in a melange of the leftover vegetables.

Not only is this a fabulous use of leftovers, but it's also a waist-line friendly option. I, for one, am still hesitant to put anything on without ample amounts of elastic, and my scale has gone into winter hibernation for at least a week or two. I read recently that the average person does not gain more than half a pound at Thanksgiving, but I'd rather not be the one to prove this theory wrong.

Given my faith in everyone's over-indulgence this past week, I've settled upon antioxidant packed recipes this week in the purest form of a detox, the SMOOTHIE (yum).

I'm not particularly one to replace a whole meal with pure liquid as I'm quite the fan of chewing, but replacing a usually salty snack with a debloating drink is quite doable for most, I'm sure.

Tonight, we'll pitch Self Magazine against Health Magazine and see what power-packed liquid snacks they have to offer.

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