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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Taste of What's to Come

Hello worldwide web and welcome to my lovely new to-do.

Quick introduction - after my move back to the wonderful state of Texas this fall from two years in NYC, I found myself faced with a horrific thing I'd nearly forgotten existed...moments of boredom, thumb-twiddling, too much time to think, etc. So, I started spending time focusing on all my favorite things: spending time with the fam, catching up on my reading list, rediscovering tennis, oh, working, of course, and my all-time favorite, cure-all for the worst of moods, solver of all life problems, cooking.

And one fine day that included a bit of all the previously mentioned things, I had a glorious epiphany formulated out of mass levels of frustration. Put simply, I'd spent 3 hours on the web, scouring it for a cupcake recipe. Not just any cupcake recipe, the absolute best, most impressive cupcake recipe known to man. While the plethora of recipes found on the internet are certainly scattered with the best of the best, who has time, patience, or the desire to compare? Well, I thought, I do!

Here we are, nearing my very first blog post to the world, a post in which we'll discover the most tantalizing  recipe for flourless chocolate cake known to man, or at least me. Each week, I'll do the work for you, pitting two well-known sources for their culinary expertise against each other (the THIS and the THAT). Being the opinionated lady that I am however, I'll also share a third option (ANOTHER) that's of my own making.

Because I acknowledge different people have different priorities, I'll judge each recipe on multiple criteria: how easy the recipe is to follow, how tasty it is (clearly), how healthy it is, how pricey it is, and how presentable it is.

So stay tuned. Starting tomorrow, I'll report back with the results of my first duel: Southern Living vs. Bon Appetit - Flourless Chocolate Cake showdown.

**requests, comments, loves, hates, and grammar edits always welcome**


  1. So excited for the chocolate cake! Please mail some to NY thanks

  2. i am very disappointed in the lack of funfetti. I was told this was a pro-funfetti blog. If there isnt going to be funfetti id like to know now.

    -The Funfetti Man