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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sick day

My body wasn't so fond of the back and forth weather switch up. We're on strike apparently.

Given that my smelling and tasting capabilities have been entirely incapacitated, I hope you'll kindly excuse me for a day.

In the meantime, care to share any mystical remedies?


  1. feel better!!! my Grandy always had the right advice -- fluids, fluids, fluids. broth, tea, water, juice, water, broth, water, repeat. I also love to sweat when I'm sick to get the yuckies out (technical medical term, there) - crank up heat and curl up in bed, adn then just change all the bedding once you're healthy xx

  2. Grandmother's seriously know what they're talking about, and lucky for me, I happen to have tons of veggie soup beckoning from the freezer. Guess what I'm having for dinner. Thank you ma'am xox