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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Like a Rolling Pin (Only Not)

In college, I set to make out my first pie crust sans my mother's amply supplied kitchen. In addition to realizing how much nicer it is to work on beautifully smooth and infinite granite islands instead of the minimal cracked plaster subsitute college counters, I found myself faced with quite the obstacle - a mound of pie dough and no rolling pin.

Now, while we're all unique in many ways, I'm quite certain I am not in this predicament.

Never fear fair readers because I have solutions for you.

Turning back to that fateful day three (how is that even possible?) years ago, I wrapped an empty wine bottle in wax paper and voila, a transformer of the culinary kind came to be.

Other options are to take just about any empty and dry long liquor bottle and follow suit.

Why empty, dry, and long?

Empty because you need even weight and sloshing liquid is not your friend. Dry because we all know that too much moisture a bad pastry does make, and long because you want to cover maximum surface area with the greatest of ease.

Why wax paper?

To keep your pastry from sticking to the glass/plastic/other smooth surface.

If you happen to have baseball-aficionados around, one of their mini souvenier bats works even better. Might I just suggest that you give it a thorough cleaning first?

The folks at atypyk were clever enough to combine the two


  1. An empty SIGG bottle with some flour on it works perfectly too! :)

  2. LOVE that! On that note, a nalgene would work perfectly too.