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Monday, December 19, 2011

Zen in the Kitchen - Holiday Cookies Yogi'd

Come tomorrow, we'll have our next duel and as our (not so close) poll looks thus far, it shall be homeade holiday gift vs. homeade holiday gift. It's going to be intense.

While I have no intention of providng you with yet another cookie recipe, I came across these glorious  yoga cookie cutters that would go perfectly with ANOTHER.
does eating one of these count as "having your daily dose of yoga"?

I am a thorough believer in tricking the body. As the great Fran Drescher once shared, the body cannot tell the difference between one and two slices of pizza if they are stacked on on top of another. Taking it one step further, if your not-so-healthy cookie is in the shape of a yogi, does the body know?

No, but seriously, have you ever seen anything so brilliant?

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